BONDI Lions Club

District 201N5, New South Wales, Australia


Lions Club  ProjectLions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to user their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done. 

You know, there are some projects that any non member can help with.

The Lions Club of Bondi and many other Lions Clubs, collect used eye glasses and have them cleaned, repaired, collaborated and packaged and sent to developing countries to be issued to those that cannot afford to buy a pair. Many of these poor unfortunate people have never been able to see clearly. The expression on their faces when they are able to see clearly for the first time or indeed even read brings tears to ones eyes. You can help by donating your used glasses or your neighbour's and friends' as well. Send an Email to Secretary Colin Bloch and receive instructions on where you can donate them. You will feel good about your deed for having helped someone anonymously.

Usually on a Saturday morning, several members collect donations from generous people at Bondi Junction. Look for the yellow waste coates with the Lions emblem worn by the members. All that we collect is donated to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation. Your donation could save a child's life. Please give generously.

A very simple way that you can help those less fortunate then some, is to purchase Christmas Cakes or Puddins. These delcious cakes make a wonderful gift for your relatives, neighbours, work associates, clients and customers. Value for your dollar means you cannot go wrong. The money raised from your purchase helps someone in need in your community. If you wish, you can nominate where the profit from your purchase is to go. Contact Cake Chairman Lion Colin Bloch for more information by email: